Analisis Ketercapaian Literasi Sains Peserta Didik Di MI/SD


  • Nirwana Anas, Olivia Wahyu Ningsih, Novia Ramadhani, Kartika Abriana Br Sembiring, Putri Meida Sari Uin Sumatera Utara Medan, Indonesia



Scientifi, Literacy


This study aims to determine the scientific literacy achievement of students in class V MIN Alwasliah Kabanjabe Kab. karo. Using a non-experimental quantitative approach with descriptive methods. The data collection technique used was a scientific literacy test and essay questions. Data analysis techniques were carried out using descriptive data analysis techniques with categorization based on the level of scientific literacy ability. Results of analysis of scientific literacy competency data for students of class V MIN Alwasliah Kabanjabe Karo Regency Obtained the proportion of results obtained from students' scientific literacy, namely in the very good category there is 20%, good category 18%, sufficient category 35%, less category 0%, and very less category 27%. The proportion of these results indicates that students at MIN Alwasliah Kabanjahe have sufficient scientific literacy skills, as evidenced by the majority of students occupying the level of the moderate literacy category and in the lower category compared to the high category. Students who are proficient in scientific literacy need to be improved so that they become even better.